Interview with Alex Deykes

In college I studied writing and art history. While studying my two passions I met another lover of art and writing, artist Alexandra (Alex) Deykes.

I met Alex in a medieval art history class about two years ago. And since then I have been impressed by her as a friend and by her work. Recently graduating with her B.F.A. in Illustration and a minor in writing as well, Alex is a new artist on the scene. Interested in art since about age seven, Alex didn’t really consider a career in the field until high school. She attended Grand Valley State University, a liberal arts college in Allendale, Michigan in lieu of an all arts school. “Going to an art school (that taught only art) was an interest of mine at some point, but I eventually realized that there are some downsides to it. You don’t get as much exposure to other fields or majors, which can be helpful to the creative process. I also wouldn’t have been able to achieve a minor in writing; which really helps when I create art,” says Alex.

That’s a bit of background on our artist, now let’s dive into her technique and style.
Dailey: What is your medium of choice?
Deykes: Primarily pencil, ink, watercolor and digital. I enjoy them all equally.
Dailey: What words would you use to describe your style and aesthetic?
Deykes: Semi-realistic and sketchy. Those are the only words that I can think of. I chose these words because I primarily enjoy using pencil; I’m not a fan of rendering although I have done it in some of my work. I also enjoy using some realism in my work because it gives the drawing something extra.
Dailey: This is a contemporary art site and blog. What is your opinion of “contemporary art”? Love it; hate it; embrace it; don’t really understand it?
Deykes: I have conflicted feelings about contemporary art. I do feel that discovering new techniques, styles and ways of conveying images in different ways is a good way to expand the field of art as well as everyday ideas. At the same time, I do feel that some contemporary art really isn’t art and that it’s just used for shock value and attention.
Dailey: Now, even though you have conflicted feelings about contemporary art in general, is there a contemporary artist that you love, admire, or are fascinated by?
Deykes: One of my current favorite artists is James Jean. I really enjoy his style and the way that he portrays his images.

I asked Alex if she would be willing to show readers an example of her work and graciously she has shared a piece called Ilossa Environment. This is what she had to say about her work: “The piece that I have is an environment drawing that I had in my Senior Show. My main interest is creating stories, the characters, their designs and the worlds that they live in. My style is currently in the process of changing so the style that you see now is something that’s a work in progress.”

I concluded the interview by asking about Alex’s future as an artist. As a recent grad she is applying for internships, and sending her art to other artists. When asked about what type of customer she has in mind for her work, Alex said that she envisions anyone being a customer. She’s alienating no one, and therefore inviting all to enjoy her work. I ended the interview by asking where she sees herself in ten years, and this was her answer: “I would like to be writing/illustrating/publishing my own comic books, novels and still painting.” Ambitious hopes, but plans that are definitely within Alex’s reach. In my time knowing her I’ve gotten to know a driven and dedicated woman who strives for her passions, art and writing. She will not disappoint her audience or customers, and will continue to work, pushing the boundaries of the art world.

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