New Technique Yields New Style for Artis

New Technique Yields New Style for Artist Alex Deykes

An artist with her own unique style, Alex always stays true to her aesthetic. But she is also open to experimenting with new and different techniques. She recently stumbled upon a surrealist technique while on the internet and is now determined to tweak it into her own artistic method. Her version of this technique is thus far nameless, but Alex was able and willing to describe it.

Dailey: How does this new style differ from your typical style?
Deykes: My new style has more to do with aesthetics, as well as focusing on the use of painting in my work.
Dailey: What is your process for this style? What materials do you use and how do you achieve the desired look?
Deykes: The process for my technique is to start with making a graphite drawing, then sealing it with a workable fixative. Afterwards, I put layers of watercolor and acrylic [on it] to get the background/mood/texture that I want.
Dailey: Is there a certain subject matter that meshes well with this technique or will you use a variety of subjects alongside this technique?
Deykes: Surrealism is the perfect subject matter for it. Placing [surrealist] ideas with this technique creates [a piece with] a ghostly, mysterious feel to it, which is exactly what I’m looking for in my work.
Dailey: Now in our previous interview one word you used to describe your style and aesthetic was semi-realistic which is similar to surrealism. Would you say your new style is also similar to your typical style?
Deykes: No, it’s very different. This style is much softer and [more] fluid, while my usual style is a bit more graphic.
Dailey: Do you have an example of this new style that you can share? And if so, how would you describe the piece? What would you want the audience to know about this piece?
Deykes: I would describe this piece solely as surrealistic and experimental. At the time, it was just an image that I came up with in my mind and tested out multiple times before making the final. This piece is called “Plant Head”. At the moment, there is no definite message, but it is based on environmentalism. I used pencil, watercolor, and acrylic on this piece.

Even though Alex says she’s still experimenting with the style, it sounds like she has a firm grasp on it, and also on the subject matter/message that she’s looking to convey, whether or not it be a specific message or a general, implied one about the environment. She may still be in the early stages of developing her unique style, but Alex already has projects lined up and ready to commence. She plans to create a series of paintings in this new style that revolve around the environment, social interaction, and cultural assumptions that males and females have of one another. Aside from creating this series of paintings she has plans to keep incorporating her two styles, the old and the new, in future projects. She hopes to have the opportunity to work on comic books, novels, and paintings using both her graphic, semi-realistic style, and her soft, surrealistic style. I wish her the best in her efforts which I know will yield great work.

Article Submitted by Alexandra Dailey

Published by Contemporary Art Gallery Online

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