As of late I’ve felt compelled to get cr

As of late I’ve felt compelled to get creative and jump back into the artistic ways of my past. Something I used to do in high school was collage with all sorts of papers, scraps, and collected mementos. Collaging, or scrap art as I call it, is an art form that allows the artist to use materials that are sitting around, shoved in a drawer, or even things you would normally throw away. Scrap art lets you incorporate special pieces you’ve saved, photographs, and even snippets of paper from previous scrapbooking or card making projects—you can really use anything. This art form is also quite “green”; all materials are being recycled and used for a new purpose—given new life. I use pencil sketches, magazine clippings and ads, event tickets and wrappers. Kurt Schwitters is an artist who constructed many collages during his career. He used found objects in his art such as old bus tickets, newspaper clippings, and pieces of wire; whatever he could find. Even though I am nothing compared to Schwitters I liken myself to him because I believe both of us hold to a similar collage aesthetic—use what is around you and readily available to you. There is no need to go buy tons of art supplies in order to create an engaging piece of art. Scrap art is economical and fun because you push yourself to use what you already have in an unconventional way. The other cool thing about collaging is that anyone can do it. Grab an assortment of materials (paper or not), a glue stick, Elmer’s Glue, or some Modge-Podge if you have it, and something sturdy like cardboard, cardstock, or a canvas to adhere the pieces to. Then start arranging your scraps any way you want. Feel free to experiment with different layouts before gluing stuff down. Have fun being creative and make a piece that reflects you and what you’re passionate about!

Contributed by Alexandra Dailey

Published by Contemporary Art Gallery Online

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