Photography: The New Contemporary Art Fo

Photography: The New Contemporary Art Form
Photography, in my opinion, has become the contemporary art of the people. Photography is easily accessible for the majority of viewers, and therefore can be appreciated by most because if we haven’t seen that scene exactly we’ve at least seen something similar. Photography is also a readily accessible form of art because anyone with an iPhone, iPad, digital camera, or picture-snapping flip phone can capture a moment, blow it up, print it, frame it, and sell it if they should so choose. Today anyone can be a photographer, and I don’t believe one has to take a dozen photography classes in order to achieve this. One merely needs to have an artistic eye; an eye that notices the beauty in the mundane, or the simplicity in the complex. Oddly enough, I would call myself an amateur photographer. My pictures may not be gallery or museum worthy, but they represent the beauty I find within the world. I believe anyone can be a photographer, and I would encourage anyone with the necessary equipment to test their artistic eye. Look through the camera’s viewfinder and see what you can see. Find the beauty that many overlook and capture it in all its glory. As photographers; our success is based on how the picture speaks to us and what it means to us, not by the recognition others might give. I challenge you to look and capture what speaks to you.
Article submitted by: Alexandra Dailey
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