Holiday Wrapping The holidays are fast a

Holiday Wrapping
The holidays are fast approaching, and I believe that I am safe in saying that many of you (myself, the poor college graduate included) have tight budgets for gift purchasing. Not to worry or be stressed though my fellow creative and artistic friends! You can make amazing, thoughtful gifts for those in your life with very little cash. I have one word for you – repurpose. We all have random items floating around our homes, things that have served their purpose long ago, are broken, or are in poor condition as they stand. I don’t know what objects any of you may have but find them and imagine their potential. For example, I’m using old drawings and cards to create fun and unique gift tags for my family. I’m also using vintage beads and cabochons to make earrings. I may even compose some scrap art pieces for people who like original work. All of these projects do require a few household supplies such as glue, scissors, maybe tape, and modge-podge if you have some. Other than those items, the rest can be spotted by your creative eye and taste. Use old magazines, books, broken or out-of-date jewelry, photographs, paper labels, old clothing—use whatever you have and what speaks to you! The holidays are about showing our loved ones that we care, and how better to do so than with something made with your own hands? So rather than picking up a little store bought gift or gift card, make something from the heart that has a little bit of you glued together in the pieces. After all, we bestow our love into that which we create.

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