Check Out the Amazing work of Ashley Pet

Check Out the Amazing work of Ashley Peters
“They Saw”
Linocut, Acrylic Wash, Pen, Ink
16.5” x 20.5”

About the Artist:
Ashley Peters:
Ashley was born in the small town of Millington Tennessee, and grew up in Ohio. Ashley attended Fort Wayne Indiana at the University of Saint Francis. There she fell into printmaking illustration, which ignited her creative fire.

About Ashley’s Art Style:
Ashley’s art consists of a combination of printmaking (Woodcuts & Linocuts) and illustration, (Pen, Ink & wash). The pieces are often intimate, particularly the elongated sizes. The imagery comes from that of nature including things such as trees, landscapes, a natural female form,(Ashley’s image of Mother Earth) as well as woodland creatures such as her fox friend and fleeting deer. Ashley loves using linear edges to create a fluid motion and overall balancing opposites. The lines are harsh and raw. They cut through the space. Ashley then implements colors found in nature, often muted. Ashley’s works are about her observations of the world around her; as it changes and evolves as well as what is left behind in the process.

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Image Blender By: Jayme Catalano Image B

Image Blender By: Jayme Catalano

Image Blender for the iPhone is an ingenious little program that allows the user to blend two images together to create a trippy little masterpiece. The $2 app offers endless possibilities for layering, masking, and filtering, all with a single swipe of a finger, simplifying an otherwise complicated and time consuming process in Photoshop. To purchase, visit the iTunes.
Article submitted by:
Jayme Catalano
Canary Public Relations

Artpiece: “Lilac ” Watercolor 9” x 6” Ab

“Lilac ”
9” x 6”

About the Artist:
Sarah Swisher:
Sarah has loved art all her life and has been painting and drawing since a very early age. After high school Sarah decided that art was something she wanted to pursue professionally. So Sarah studied at The Art Insitute of Chicago and earned her B.F.A in 1998. Since then Sarah has been in Indiana working and painting. Sarah loves botanical forms, mythology and surface design and all of these things play a big part in her art. Sarah makes everything from cameos and pyasnky eggs, to needle lace and watercolor paintings. Lately Sarah has been thinking about new ways of drawing. How to use line and color in a new way, so Sarah’s latest work involves lace making and knit images.

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