Watching People by Jayme Catalano Artist

Watching People by Jayme Catalano
Artist Michael Carson creates large paintings that are a cross between Norman Rockwell and the moody Prada ads of the late 2000s. His long-legged, gamine figures wear the visage of modern disaffected youth while trapped in a time period not quite our own. The effect is mesmerizing. Carson says, “I paint people because I have always had a serious addiction to watching people. I try to get that feel in my paintings. As if I am just watching people doing everyday things in my work.” You can view Carson’s work at the Richard J. Demato gallery in Sag Harbor, New York or online here.
Image One: Barely Interested by Michael Carson
Image Two: Breeze by Michael Carson
Image Three: Michael Carson
Image Four: Man in Jacket by Michael Carson

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-Jayme Catalano, Canary Public Relations