GSNETX Cookie Box Creations By: Alexandr

GSNETX Cookie Box Creations
By: Alexandra Dailey

For my first post of 2013, I would like to discuss an annual art event that the Girl Scouts of North East Texas (GSNETX) put on in Dallas. It’s called the GSNETX Cookie Box Creations, and naturally as the name insinuates the art creations are all made out of Girl Scout cookies boxes! This event teaches girls that all materials, especially those recently emptied of their sweet confections, can be repurposed and turned into something beautiful and interesting rather than being flattened and thrown away. 3-D creatures and scenes are brought to life by girl scouts of all ages with the help of architects and engineers. Such a creative event shows that all items and objects have use beyond their intended purpose, and also that by working together people can achieve the goals they set. The GSNETX are teaching girls and their community valuable lessons about teamwork and living a greener life, but they are also instilling an appreciation for creativity and art that is extremely important. Art affects people on a variety of levels, and presenting young girls and young woman with a positive and fun view of art and the methods in which it can be brought to life is an invaluable contribution to the community of Dallas and to the lives of the girls. Contemporary art made by the hands of a community’s youth is some of the most precious because it represents hope for a continuation of art and an appreciation for it in the coming generations.

Article contributed by Alexandra Dailey. To read more articles written by Alexandra, visit us at or visit Alexandra’s blog at

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