Check Out the Impressive Works, of Edwar

Check Out the Impressive Works, of Edwardo Setien!

“They Saw”
Linocut, Acrylic Wash, Pen, Ink
16.5” x 20.5”

About the Artist:
Edwardo Setien:
Edwardo currently lives in Miami Beach, Florida. He has been a professional artist for over twenty years and has had more than 100 exhibitions. He has received numerous art awards and accolades. Edwardo is a high selling artist, having sold over 200 pieces of artwork. Edwardo’s most recent themes include the interpretation of the human DNA cells, and chains destruction due to illnesses like cancer.

Edwardo’s Personal Statement:
Edwardo says painting is freeing. He can with communicate more of his feelings and in a shorter period of time, especially if the inspiration is strong. Edwardo still writes poetry. However; his passion is painting.

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