Artpiece: “Frozen Pond” Acrylic About th

“Frozen Pond”

About the Artist:
Sean Koziel:
Sean Koziel is an artist from Illinois. Sean enjoys working with acrylics and oils. Sean mostly paints landscapes, but has completed many abstract and Neo-Geo art. Sean likes to take photos of places of where he has traveled. Once back in his studio, Sean then tries to capture the atmosphere of the moment in his paintings. Sean graduated from Illinois State University in 1998, with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. Sadly after college he stopped painting. In 2008, Sean was drawn back to his canvases. Sean hopes that his paintings convey a mood, capture a moment, or build an environment for which the viewer can relate. All us here at Contemporary Art Gallery Online, are very pleased Sean found us. We believe his work is majestic, mellow, and skillful. We encourage everyone to view his work and of course purchase a piece today! Enjoy

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