See what sarah Swisher is Creating! Art

See what sarah Swisher is Creating!

Art piece:
“Parrot Tulips ver.1”
9” x 12”

About the Artist:
Sarah Swisher:

Sarah has loved art all her life and has been painting and drawing since a very early age. After high school Sarah decided that art was something she wanted to pursue professionally. So Sarah studied at The Art Institute of Chicago and earned her B.F.A in 1998. Since then Sarah has been in Indiana working and painting. Sarah loves botanical forms, mythology and surface design and all of these things play a big part in her art. Sarah makes everything from cameos and pyasnky eggs, to needle lace and watercolor paintings. Lately Sarah has been thinking about new ways of drawing. How to use line and color in a new way, so Sarah’s latest work involves lace making and knit images.
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Spring By: Alexandra Dailey With the sun

Spring By: Alexandra Dailey
With the sun shining today I can’t help but to think about the impending arrival of spring and all that accompanies it; vibrant flora, chirping and mewling fauna, beautiful and fresh scenery. Spring is about rebirth, revival, and new beginnings, so what better way to honor the upcoming season than with a new beginning of your own? Challenge yourself; make your first stroke on that white canvas, put lead to paper and sketch, capture that blossoming bud on film. Whatever your passion or hobby, start a new project as the world’s fresh season comes into being once more. Up here in northern Michigan our spring starts out with snow still covering the ground so my new project will have to take place inside. But, once the thaw starts and flowers start poking their heads out with petals unfurling, I will surely be reveling at the new life and inspired to give life to my own piece. However, for the time being I am stuck inside so my spring project will have to be something not necessarily dealing with new greenery. I will have to get creative and brainstorm about repurposing objects that I have lying around my room—a challenge I readily accept! Get creative and make something brand new, or craft something new out of something old. Cheers to a new season of nature’s beauty and beauty created by artists like you and me!

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Painting By; Betty McGlamary