Art Tip: Looking at your art as a produc

Art Tip: Looking at your art as a product and potential income can be difficult. Answer the next 8 questions to determine how much money you can make at your current price level and rate of production. Question No. 2: I produce a large amount, a medium amount or a small amount of art in a year. To get more ideas on how to better run your art business, listen to The Business of Art. Visit

Artpiece: “Crack My Neck” Sculpture Abou

“Crack My Neck”

About the Artist:
Shelley Wheeler:
Shelley grew up in the Midwest, along the Missouri river, and she carries with me that small town attitude. She claims to be part of the last generation in America who did not have all the technology we have today while growing up. I was forced to use my imagination and I thank the universe for that every day. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who has supported me both emotionally and artistically making the starving artist part of my story a struggle but giving me the freedom to pursue my dreams.

Personal Statement:
When you are an artist, all you can think about is art. I am either creating some kind of art work, or I am thinking about creating my next piece of art. I don’t know if it’s good art, that’s not for me to decide… I leave that to the art critics. I am only racing myself in this game, and as long as I am giving it my all, the rest of it is out of my hands.

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