Art Tip: Looking at your art as a produc

Art Tip: Looking at your art as a product and potential income can be difficult. Answer the next 8 questions to determine how much money you can make at your current price level and rate of production. Question No. 6: When I sell a piece of art work directly to a retail customer, what percentage of the sale is profit? To get more ideas on how to better run your art business, listen to The Business of Art. Visit

Will the Real Mona Lisa, Please Stand Up

Will the Real Mona Lisa, Please Stand Up?
We may finally know what the real Mona Lisa looked like. The Prado Museum in Madrid recently cleaned and restored one of its more obscure and seemingly unimportant paintings, a copy of Leonardo DaVinci’s ‘Mona Lisa.’ In the museum’s possession since 1819, the copy was thought to have been completed after DaVinci’s death. During the extensive process, however, museum officials discovered that the painting was done by a pupil working alongside the master: x-rays revealed that the copy evolved and developed just as the original did. Experts were able to strip away the dark, cracked varnish and a black over paint, revealing a young woman with beautiful skin in front of a colorful Tuscan landscape. Her eyebrows are visible, her lips are rosy, and she looks years younger than her more famous counterpart. DaVinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ my hide similar charms under her own aged and discolored varnish.
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