Art Tip: Looking at your art as a produc

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“Moments to Remember” After a day of w

“Moments to Remember”
After a day of winter fun, this snow-covered field in Prospect Park was rendered somewhat less than pristine. Nevertheless, I felt there was a certain amount of charm in this late afternoon scene. I positioned the camera low to the ground on a tripod, and set up almost in the shadow of the large tree in the foreground. With the sun barely peeking out from below the branch on the left, I used a flash to add a spot of light to the small patch of snow in the crook of the tree.

The multitude of footprints suggests that there were many “moments to remember” that day in this Brooklyn, New York park.

F.M. Kearney is a fine art nature photographer, specializing in unique floral and landscape images. To see more of his work, please visit