“Radiance” Many people see winter as t


Many people see winter as the time to stay indoors with a good book. As an outdoor nature photographer, I look forward to photographing snow-covered landscapes, hanging icicles and frozen lakes.

But, what if it’s a mild winter and these scenes are difficult (or impossible) to find?

We recently went through a period like this in the Northeast. With only a dusting to a few inches of snow and temperatures rarely dropping below freezing, it seemed as though our winters had taken an extended vacation. Rather than put my equipment in storage for the season, I headed out to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park early one morning. I was absolutely amazed by the beauty of bare branches. Without their usual leafy wardrobe, trees tend to take on an almost ominous appearance. Juxtaposed against the splendor of a colorful sunrise, you have a scene that cannot be captured at any other time of the year.

I captured “Radiance” when I spotted an odd-looking stand of intersecting trees next to Prospect Park Lake. I positioned the sun in the middle of a small opening, and used a digital effect to accentuate the rays. If winter refuses to make an appearance in the tradition sense, well, there’s always Plan B.

F.M. Kearney is a fine art nature photographer, specializing in unique floral and landscape images. To see more of his work, please visit http://www.starlitecollection.com.
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