Art Tip: Twenty-Eight things you need to

Art Tip: Twenty-Eight things you need to know and master, in order to be a successful Artist: 8. How to know when you have enough art and enough of a selection to start showing and selling. To get more ideas on how to better run your art business, listen to The Business of Art. Visit

Artpiece: “Time” Acrylic 18” x 24” About

18” x 24”

About the Artist:
Sharon Belle Hawkshawe:

Sharon Hawkshawe was born in Dayton, Ohio, and raised in Columbia, Maryland. Her mother is a published author and her father was an artist and architect before his death.

Sharon has been painting all of her life, specializing in the use of acrylic and oil paints.

Sharon’s topics cover the most basic of human experience through the use of abstract and impressionistic landscape work.

Sharon’s work has been viewed in Washington D.C., Miami FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Tampa FL, Orlando FL, Key West FL, Johnson City TN, Charlotte NC, Alexandra, VA, New York, NY and more.

Sharon also co-authored a book of poetry under her num de plum Sharon Belle, entitled Songs of the Soul. Her artwork is also featured throughout, including the front cover.

Sharon is currently awaiting release of her newest book of poetry, entitled A Soul Speaks. This book will also feature illustrations by her. A Soul Speaks is due to release in December 2013.

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