Creative Flower Photography (Tip #2: Let

Creative Flower Photography (Tip #2: Let the Sun Shine In)

Conventional wisdom tells us to always keep the sun at our backs when taking a picture. This is a pretty good rule to follow for most subjects – especially if you don’t want details lost under a heavy silhouette. However, always following conventional wisdom will usually result in conventional-looking photographs. If your subject is fairly close and you use proper lighting, it really doesn’t matter where the sun is. In fact, I often deliberately include the sun in many of my flower shots.

The photo above is a cluster of daffodils I shot with the sun center stage. In order to bring out the details in the flowers and the grass, I placed two flashes on tripods on either side of the composition. A single flash will also work if a two-flash setup is too much of an ambitious undertaking. Since a single flash tends to create harsh shadows, a reflector can be used in conjunction with the flash to help balance out the light.
These simple lighting techniques will free you from always having to take the same old tired-looking photos. So, don’t be afraid to let the sun shine in.

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F.M. Kearney is a fine art nature photographer, specializing in unique floral and landscape images. To see more of his work, please visit

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