Repurposing Doilies Oh how I love to rep

Repurposing Doilies
Oh how I love to repurpose materials! Making something new out of something old gives me an artistic thrill. As perhaps you have guessed, I’ve started a new art project which will result in something beautiful, creative, and functional. My friend Heather and I are in the process of making hanging lamps out of doilies. Perhaps you’ve seen pictures of them on Etsy, Instagram, or Pinterest.
Last Saturday began with the two of us visiting Wal-Mart for the following supplies: Modge-Podge, light kits, sponge brushes, and punch ball balloons. Upon returning from our errand we blew up the balloons and hung them from an archway. What ensued was a messy arm work-out. Picture this: two girls, two hanging balloons, two rambunctious dogs, and Modge-Podge dripping everywhere as we attempt to steady the balloons while applying our vintage doilies. It was a challenge we had accepted, and one that we succeeded in, with the help of each other (I do not recommend attempting this project by oneself—at times four hands are needed). We completed the first stage last weekend, and are planning the next. After applying the doilies and the first coat of Modge-Podge you must allow the piece to dry for at least 24 hours. Then you have to apply another layer to make the structure stronger. That is our next step. Overall, this undertaking has thus far gone smoothly, and I’m confident that our efforts and sore arms will be worth it in the end.
Looking around at the homes of your friends and family members, you typically don’t see delicate doilies resting a top tables, chairs, or mantles anymore. Such a decoration is of the past. But, by using old doilies in our lamp project, we are incorporating an item from a time gone by into the modern moment that exists within our homes today. Remembering the old and having it embrace the new is what this world needs to be about—in all areas. Why not start by paying homage to a decoration of yesterday by giving it new life and a new place in your world?

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