Art Tip: Looking at your art as a produc

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JUST SHOOT ME by F.M. Kearney Truly amaz

JUST SHOOT ME by F.M. Kearney

Truly amazing images of nature have been captured in black and white. Some landscapes, when stripped down to their purest tonal elements, tend to take on an almost ethereal quality. The incredible work of Ansel Adams – probably the greatest nature photographer of all time – is certainly proof of that. But, I haven’t shot black and white since my early days as a photojournalist. When it comes to nature, I’m strictly addicted to color. There certainly isn’t any shortage of color to shoot in the spring. After a long, cold winter, it seems Mother Nature just can’t wait to put on her “Sunday Best.”

Tulips have always been very popular subjects. They’re one of the few flowers that can be successfully photographed on both overcast and sunny days. It’s the translucent quality of these flowers that makes them literally explode with color on sunny days. It was hard to miss the obvious attraction of a couple of yellow tulips surrounded by a sea of brilliant red in this photo I entitled, “Two in a Million.” I captured this image almost twenty years ago and it’s still one of my favorites.

The multi-colored snapdragons is another photo where the color takes center stage. I was particularly drawn to the natural yellow “bookends” of this composition I call, “Springdragons.”

Having an eye for photography is good, but probably not as important when your subjects are this colorful. Sometimes, you can almost hear them scream, “Just shoot me!”

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F.M. Kearney is a fine art nature photographer, specializing in unique floral and landscape images. To see more of his work, please visit