I think a rose was the first flower I ev

I think a rose was the first flower I ever photographed. With two major blooms a year, in June and September, there are plenty of opportunities to shoot this popular flower.

At this time of year, the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden in the New York Botanical Garden comes alive with 4,000 rose plants in over 600 varieties. With so many subjects to choose from, the roses that line the trellis around the garden often go unnoticed. That’s too bad, because the trellis can add a very nice decorative element to the photo. I usually try to shoot these types of photos on overcast days to avoid harsh shadows and heavy contrast. The horizontal image is an example of this kind of lighting. The vertical was shot on a sunny day. It was a picture I almost didn’t want to take. However, the sun was only shining on the foliage in the background and not the roses themselves. This separation in lighting not only makes the image work, I feel it adds a degree of vibrancy that’s lacking in the other photo. Sometimes, it’s the situations you least expect that yield the best results.

Today’s blog is dedicated to the wonderful memory of my mother, who passed away this year. She would have been 91 today.

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