See What Toni Silber Delerive is Creatin

See What Toni Silber Delerive is Creating!

Art Piece:
48” x 48” x 1.5”
Oil on Canvas

About the Artist
Toni Silber Delerive

Toni Silber Delerive studied painting at the Philadelphia College of Art and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. A Manhattan-based artist and graphic designer, Toni’s work is represented in museums, private and corporate collections.

Toni Silber Delerive’s aerial-view paintings represent diverse places and spaces of the contemporary landscape seen from an above ground perspective. The flattened surface planes convey the textures of abstract space enhanced by compositional aesthetics and skillful use of color. From the elevated position of high-rise buildings and helicopters, my images of cities and towns, factories and farmlands, power plants, suburban communities and highways are delivered with a distinctive angle on structures frequently taken for granted.

Through the aerial vantage point one discovers a modern perspective and fresh visual vocabulary. The flattened plane reduces details to strong graphic images. Overall, Toni Silber Delerive strives to blend a fresh perspective with a savvy demonstration of the power of color and composition.

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