50 Tips to Getting Things Done: Tip 19:

50 Tips to Getting Things Done: Tip 19: Covey Quadrants: A system for assigning priorities. Two axes, one for importance, the other for urgency, intersect. Tasks are assigned to one of the four quadrants: not important, not urgent; not important, urgent; important, not urgent; and important and urgent. Purge the tasks that are neither important nor urgent, defer the unimportant but urgent ones, try to avoid letting the important ones become urgent, and as much as possible work on the tasks in the important but not urgent quadrant. Visit http://www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com

See What Alvaro García Ordoñez is Creati

See What Alvaro García Ordoñez is Creating!

Art Piece:
“Wind I”
Mixed Media
51” x 33”

About the Artist
Alvaro García Ordoñez

Alvaro García Ordoñez the son of a carpenter and a teacher was born in the town of La Peña, Cundinamarca province, Colombia.

He studied at the Art School in the National University of Colombia in Bogotá. After graduating he earned a scholarship that took him to Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and France.

Alvaro is a notable Colombian sculptor and painter.

Alvaro currently lives in the United States with a residence as Aliens of Extraordinary Ability and where he is making an ample cultural and societal contribution through his art.

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