Digital Collaging German artist Catrin W

Digital Collaging
German artist Catrin Welz-Stein creates her works by digitally collaging old illustrations and photographs. She combines, divides, removes, fills and retouches elements in Adobe Photoshop to produce digital images that explore the worlds of fantasy and fairy tale. She says her images, “speak from inner feelings which we often hide in our daily life.” A former professional graphic art designer, she feels free from the rules and compromises she felt in creating art for clients. She now enjoys “creating art that does not explain itself from the beginning.” Based in Malaysia, she says “a large part of my work is the search for license-free images, illustrations or photophos, for which the copyright has long expired. Old books, magazines and the Internet are my primary resources for that. Once I have found a fitting image, I break it into pieces, until the original image is no longer recognizable and an entirely new image is created.” Visit her website to see more of her images or purchase the artwork at Redbubble.
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-Jayme Catalano
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Image titles are in order of their appearance: Her Garden, Frau Holle, and Summer Dreaming