See What Michael Tolleson is Creating! A

See What Michael Tolleson is Creating!

Art Piece:
24” x 36”

About the Artist
Michael Tolleson
Michael Tolleson‘s art travels between two paths; one more realistic and the other more abstract and soul based. Michael usually begins by observing and reviewing a photo of a place, person, building, sky or a landscape. The photo acts as a tool to isolate whatever interests Michael, and in the process, the ordinary will reveal something extraordinary about its place in his world. These images provide the “bones” of his work. Michael absorbs the feeling of the image and what develops on the canvas is the feeling on adrenaline! The moment, the feeling and the colors are punched up. Michael’s paintings capture the essence of that moment; a feeling; a future.

Michael is strongly influenced by the Asian culture and his approach to his paintings’ style emulates a “Sumi-E” artist’s manner of addressing his art form. Michael’s brush or palette knife movement is quick and almost manic, although the application of the paint is calculated but yet appears random on the canvas. Color and emotions pour from the finished canvas to draw the viewer deeply into the art. Ultimately, Michael hopes the paint on the canvas provides a doorway into his world and will capture his desire to touch another receptive soul.

To view more of Michael’s work and the work of all our fine artists, visit us at Also check out our monthly art competitions.

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