See What Pete Mair is Creating! Art Piec

See What Pete Mair is Creating!

Art Piece
“Foley Sunset”
Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas
5’ x 7’

About the Artist
Pete Mair
Pete was born in Neptune, New Jersey, which is very close to the ocean. Living close to the water is something Pete missed very much, while living on Atlanta, Georgia. It was in Atlanta where Pete began his professional career as an Artist. He joined as artist group in Atlanta and was accepted into a few local galleries, where he began selling both his original paintings as well as his reproductions. Pete is born to an artistic family. His brother is also a painter. Pete came to art late in life. He felt that art belonged to his brother. So Pete pursued music. These days you’ll catch Pete playing his music as well as creating beautiful art.

Pete considers his art to be somewhere between realism and impressionism. Pete works with watercolors, gouache, and acrylics. Pete enjoys painting a wide range of subject matter. To view more of Pete’s work and the work of all our fine artists, visit us at Also check out our monthly art competitions.