The Worry Doll In Guatemalan folklore, a

The Worry Doll
In Guatemalan folklore, a person can express their concerns to a small worry doll so that the doll may worry in the person’s place. Artist Renee Laferriere Cinderhouse has created her own series of ceramic worry dolls embodying the twelve most recurrent human concerns: health, trauma, death, fertility, lust, companionship, love, loneliness, hostility, time, aging, and money. “A physical manifestation of worry, the dolls are empathetic to our own concerns, our health, our lust, aging, death. Each doll is a willing audience for the taxing ephemera of our daily toil, they are meant to carry our anxieties for us, so we do not have to.”
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Image Titles: Love, Death, and Surgery
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See What J. Carlos Cruz is Creating! Art

See What J. Carlos Cruz is Creating!

Art Piece:
“Evening at Ridge Creek Lake”

About the Artist
J. Carlos Cruz
J. Carlos Cruz was born in a small village in the Mexican state of Puebla. When he was eight, his family moved to Pachuca, the capital city of Hidalgo, where he first began his studies. As a child Mr. Cruz did not receive any formal artistic training, though he always had an affinity for painting and drawing. It was during his time studying Humanities at the Unversida Autonoma de Hidalgo where he really discovered his artistic skills, particularly in painting and drawing. J. Carlos continued to educate himself in the field of artistry by expanding his knowledge of many mediums. Mr. Cruz eventually moved to Houston, Texas where he currently resides.

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