Contemporary Art Gallery Online September Art Competition Winner Announcement

For the month of, September Contemporary Art Gallery Online showcased interpretations of the urban experience and visual perspective as the Cityscapes Online Art Competition. Results were announced on, October 12, 2015. Photography, paintings, and mixed media categories became an homage to bustling avenues, architectural constructs, and cultural diversity.  Artist, Clinton Helms was recognized as The Best in Show for his “Iconic Time Square Night” acrylic depiction of metropolis traffic. While Jay Friedenberg received First Place for “Moon Over the Misbegotten” a nostalgic snapshot of a well-lit skyline and moonlit backdrop. Andrew Verhoeckx stole First place for his captivating painting entitled “Heading Home” and Bob Craig received First place in the Mixed / 3D Media category for “Fabric City 2” a kaleidoscopic interplay.
Honorable Recognitions were awarded to the following renditions and artists:
“Cinque Terra Green Red gen 2t” by, Eileen Alter
“New York” by, Alla Fox
“St. Anthony’s Street” by, Andrey Velichkovskii
“Manhattan Construction” by, Melissa Mendelson
“My City” by, Kathleen McSherry
All artists executed intuitive responses to contrast both movement and stillness of Industrial sprawl also the bereavement and nostalgia of developing real estate. Cityscapes competition works evolved as nods to dwelling places, advancement, and the circuitous movement of intentional life.
Contemporary Art Gallery Online hosts artists of varying degrees of education and also represents increasing levels of artistic experience.
Visit Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s Gallery Exhibition to celebrate your love for art and to drink in the visual display. Also, tune into sound bites of in-depth artists interviews from the “Artists Speaks” series. Contemporary Art Gallery is always showcasing tomorrow’s Art Giants, Today!
Article by Portia T. Webb
Gallery Writer & Public Relations Assistant

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