And the “2019 ALL Botanical” Art Competition Winners Are!

For the 2019 ALL Botanical Art Theme art competition, Contemporary Art Gallery Online received entries for: Paintings/Drawings, Photography/Digital Art and 3D/Mixed Media categories.  The entrants were allowed to show their best art regardless of their training, or experience.   The “ALL Botanical Competition” winners were announced May 7th, 2019 and are listed below.

In the Painting/Drawing Art category:

Best in Show went to, Cheryl Plautz for “Daylilies”

Judges Choices went to Amancio Garza for “Rose”

Gallery Choices went to Maria Teresa Backman for “Self Portrait”

First Place:  Jingjing Ma for “Bird of Paradise Flower”

Second Place:  Shanmukh Gollu for “Threads”

Third Place:  Lola Sandino Stanton for “Under the Pine”


In the Photography/Digital Art category:

Best in Show went to, Susan M. Lutz for “Ranculus Revisited Two”

Judges Choice went to, F. Nana Ofosu-Amaah for “Bursting Green”

Gallery Choice went to, Ken Moran for “Milk Weed 3”

First Place:   Monique L ‘Heureux for “Whiskers”

Second Place:  Paul Zehnder for “Pink Blooms”

Third Place:  Shelby Coates for “Flowers 2”


In the 3D/Mixed Media Art category:

Best in Show went to, Katrina Brusatto for “Swamp Surreal”

First Place:  Isabella Puliafito for “Growing”

Second Place:  Katrina Brusatto for “Game of Crowns”

Third Place:  Barbara Rizza Mellin for “Morning Glories”

Use the link below to view all of the wonderful art of these winners.

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