Contemporary Art Gallery Online has monthly Art Exhibitions and Competitions.  Each month the theme changes.  The benefits and advantages of participating in a Contemporary Art Gallery Online exhibition and competition are numerous for new and emerging artists who would like to promote their art to a wider audience. The audience that Contemporary Art Gallery Online targets is: an audience that buys art, an audience that sells art, and one which markets artist’s works on a professional level. The benefits to an artist in exposing their art work and artistic talents through our online art gallery are the following;
1. The artist’s artwork is exposed to thousands of visitors to the gallery website each month.
2. The artist’s artwork is retained on the gallery website in the the Art Competition Archives section for additional and ongoing exposure.
3. Contemporary Art Gallery Online markets to traditional galleries as well as industry leaders, who are in a position to purchase artwork.
4. Winners for that month are promoted in publicity, social media and direct email campaigns.
5. Winners will be given a radio interview, to further expose them to the buying market.
6. Winning artists are marketed and promoted extensively through social media networking.
7. Artists gain valuable competition experience, market their artwork and build their resumes in an inexpensive manner; by taking part in the gallery’s online competitions.
8. Contestants are provided with event collateral materials to display in their portfolios; such as: Art Exhibition Event Collateral, and Gallery Participation and Award Certificates.
9. All participating artists also receive an event Press Release.
10. All participating artists will have their work permanently displayed in a YouTube video.
The extremely reasonable price for this marketing exposure and helpful competition experience is $15.00 for 3 entries and/or $20.00 for all images up to 5 entries. Try Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s next Art Competition. Choose the month and theme that most interest you. Or, try them all! There is no limit to how many Competitions you may enter. 


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