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Contemporary Art Gallery Online believes in the creativity of man, the beauty an artist can share with the world and the ultimate need man has for the beauty of art. We believe this to be a simple truth and this is why we created Contemporary Art Gallery Online … for you.

We don’t follow the pack…

We look at the world through the colors of our palette…

We challenge the status quo…

And we do this by displaying and ultimately selling your precious art work to people; through our Online Gallery, National Art Shows, Radio and TV shows.

We love art and that is why we associate ourselves with a select talented group.

You won’t get lost in the masses, like with other online galleries…

You don’t have to worry about updating, editing, typing and programming… we do that for you.

So… we have some important questions for you? Do you want to take control of your art business? Do you want to take control of your life? Do you want to take control of your future? If you do…then don’t wait! Join us now!

We are Contemporary Art Gallery Online… Founded by Artist and Art Enthusiast like you.

We are Contemporary Art Gallery Online… Showcasing Tomorrows Art Giants, Today!

So why haven’t you joined the movement yet?

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Member Application Process

Please complete the form below and submit three to five images of your work. If you wish, you can also email the information to

The information needed to make a decision is the following:

  1. Describe the type of work you do. Please include medium(s) used.
  1. Your Art Profession Resume – In chronological order; this includes trade shows, gallery exhibits, publications or any other professional work you have done.
  1. Your Personal Biography – This is a brief synopsis of your life to date. Typically this will include; place of birth, family characteristics, and interesting events in your life that contributed to making who you are today.
  1. Your Personal Statement – This will be your philosophy of life as well as your attitudes and beliefs which pertain to your art.

Why do we request this information?

~We’re glad you asked! This helps us learn about you and your art. Once accepted, we will use this information to build your page in our gallery, as well as market you through other mainstream media.

Finally; by completing and submitting this application you agree to the terms set forth. You can review these terms by clicking here.

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