Meet the Makers: Portraits of Local Food

Meet the Makers: Portraits of Local Food Artisans

We enjoyed attending the Arts Council Napa Valley Meet the Makers 2nd Annual Reception and Fundraiser at the beautiful Mumm Winery. Despite the frigid weather, we indulged in bubbly, Buttercream bites, and beans. We were delighted to meet Israel Valencia who graciously shared his unique take on portraiture. Here’s his fun portrait of Rancho Gordo founder Steve Sando.

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Image Blender By: Jayme Catalano Image B

Image Blender By: Jayme Catalano

Image Blender for the iPhone is an ingenious little program that allows the user to blend two images together to create a trippy little masterpiece. The $2 app offers endless possibilities for layering, masking, and filtering, all with a single swipe of a finger, simplifying an otherwise complicated and time consuming process in Photoshop. To purchase, visit the iTunes.
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Jayme Catalano
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Succulent Art By: Jayme Catalano With sp

Succulent Art
By: Jayme Catalano

With spring upon us, so, too, is the question of how best to appoint and decorate our outdoor living spaces. Artist Tiffany Drage of Newport Beach offers an elegant and beautiful solution: living pictures made of colorful succulents. Perfect for small areas and blank vertical walls, her succulent wall art is a low maintenance alternative to traditional potted plants and a way to bring a feeling of refinement to the great outdoors. If you are more inclined toward DIY, see Sunset Magazine’s excellent instruction guide to creating your own.
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Watching People by Jayme Catalano Artist

Watching People by Jayme Catalano
Artist Michael Carson creates large paintings that are a cross between Norman Rockwell and the moody Prada ads of the late 2000s. His long-legged, gamine figures wear the visage of modern disaffected youth while trapped in a time period not quite our own. The effect is mesmerizing. Carson says, “I paint people because I have always had a serious addiction to watching people. I try to get that feel in my paintings. As if I am just watching people doing everyday things in my work.” You can view Carson’s work at the Richard J. Demato gallery in Sag Harbor, New York or online here.
Image One: Barely Interested by Michael Carson
Image Two: Breeze by Michael Carson
Image Three: Michael Carson
Image Four: Man in Jacket by Michael Carson

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A Common Name by Jayme Catalano Graphic

A Common Name by Jayme Catalano

Graphic designer Paige Smith has created a street art project in the nooks and crannies of urban Los Angeles. Working under the pseudonym A Common Name, her three dimensional paper objects represent crystal, quartz, and geodes, mineral formations normally found in nature. The results are whimsical, mystical, and more than a little magical. As she says, “A parallel aspect of these ‘geodes’ in nature and in the city is they are always unexpected treasures. You might go hunting for treasures but you generally happen upon them during your adventures or casual interaction with the environment.” Visit her website for information on the specific…

Image One:
Geode #2, Arts District LA by A Common Name
Image Two:
Geode #9, Downtown LA, A Common Name
Image Three:
Geode #10, Arts District, A Common Name
Image Four:
Geode #7, Daily Dose DTLA, A Common Name

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Purist Canvas by Jayme Catalano Sylveste

Purist Canvas by Jayme Catalano

Sylvester Stallone once said that, “if bad decorating was a hanging offense, there’d be bodies hanging from every tree.” Luckily it’s not, and even if it was, interior designer David Oldroyd would not be among the casualties. He recently completed a modernist renovation of a thirties townhouse that perfectly combines the crisp edge of modernism with the warmth of natural materials. Located in the hills above the Castro district in San Francisco, the interior is a light-filled, purist canvas perfect for its vintage furniture, rare collections, and sensual sculptures. Visit the Style Saloniste for additional photographs of the house. You can view more of photographer Philip Harvey’s work at his website.
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