JOIN Contemporary Art Gallery Online

Contemporary Art Gallery Online is an online art gallery which has re-launched in 2012.    We have rebuilt our site to be inter-active, exciting,  informative and most importantly a selling gallery.

We have also launched an online Radio and Visual Media Network.  We are currently programming for both networks and will are launching shows regularly.

All artists showcased on our online gallery will be featured as guests on both networks.

We are not a website, hosting thousands of artists.  We are a gallery representing and actively promoting a small, limited group of artists.

So, what does this mean to you?

We have done all the work and are ready for business.  What we are missing… is YOU!

We are currently accepting applications for artists, to be featured in our Gallery.

The qualifications for acceptance are the following:

1.  You must have quality, high-resolution digital images of your work.

2.  You must be the creator of the work and be at least 18 years of age.

3.  We will need a written biography of you, description of your style of work, your approach to creating and your philosophy on art and life.

4.  All works must be available for sale.

What do You have to Do?

1.  Submit your work.

2.  Submit your biography and artist statement.

3.  Submit your nominal annual fee.  You can pay monthly or all at once.  It is up to you.

That’s it!  One Flat Fee!  No strings!  No hidden costs!

We’re artists, and art enthusiasts like you, and we know how difficult it can be getting your work seen.  So we have created this wonderful opportunity to share with you.

Act now, as we are limiting our Gallery to only 100 artists.

Visit us at

To apply, click on the Artist Application Tab, located at the top of the Home Page.

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