February 2016 Newsletter






Greetings everyone! This is the advent of new and exciting things to come for, CAGO; and also the second month into a brand new year! Some of us have made resolutions and some of us aren’t so sure. As February is the month renowned for sweet treats, we at Contemporary Art Gallery Online are sure that you will continue to develop a sweet appetite for art as you join us at the Online Gallery. We are glad you are visiting us as our new platform unfolds. We value your patience as we continue to make gradual changes necessary to improve our performance and to give you the best visual and purchasing experience we can. Thanks for joining us and we look forward to inspiring you and helping cultivate your love for art as we showcase tomorrow’s Art Giants, today!


HornNew News!

Contemporary Art Gallery Online recently underwent numerous changes to the Gallery Site and also changes to internal business. Therefore, upgrades and improvements are currently underway to enable the gallery to compete with the new art market!

What does this mean for the artists?
•Increased opportunities
•Navigation and tool tips
•Increased social coverage
•Size flexibility
•Finish flexibility

What does this mean for our audience?
•Fresh artwork
•“Inside the Artist Studio” sessions, BRAND NEW LAUNCH!
•Continuation of, “Artists Speaks” recordings as in-depth, up-close & personal artist interviews
•More previews & better resolution: LIVE 3D & wall previews
•The flexibility to choose and purchase customized images from artists
•Single page checkout & top-notch art purchasing!

Expected Launch Date is February 14th, 2016.


capture the quietPoetry Street

capturing the quiet

“the painter’s palette
spinning shades with the twirl of a brush
humming to himself
the artist plucks pines from coarse hairs
at the end of long thin trunks
he concocts deep greens
for the forest at night time
and squeezes the milky way across the sky
with remnants of white
left in a wrinkled old tubedim light finds its way…”


February’s Featured Artists!

In Celebration of Women’s Month, check out these amazing women artists.  While you at the Gallery, there are several amazing ALL Women collections and Exhibitions.  Enjoy!


February Art Competition

20496926-durgaGarcia_Manwithpeacock_photo_20x30_1400us small


In Celebration of Women’s month. Contemporary Art Gallery is holding its Second Annual ALL Women’s International Art Competition and Exhibition.  To learn more click here to read the competition prospectus.

To view last years Exhibition, click here.

Last Years winner (left) was Durga Garcia for “Man with his Peacock”


February 2016 Art Exhibition

Paint Brush


The ALL Paintings show is amazing.  Enjoy the works of 75 Artists from around the world.  CLICK HERE




Quote of the Month

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing -that’s why we recommend it daily.”   -Zig Ziglar

Newsletter by Portia T. Webb  2/1/2016



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