Contemporary Art Gallery Online September Art Competition Winner Announcement

For the month of, September Contemporary Art Gallery Online showcased interpretations of the urban experience and visual perspective as the Cityscapes Online Art Competition. Results were announced on, October 12, 2015. Photography, paintings, and mixed media categories became an homage to bustling avenues, architectural constructs, and cultural diversity.  Artist, Clinton Helms was recognized as The Best in Show for his “Iconic Time Square Night” acrylic depiction of metropolis traffic. While Jay Friedenberg received First Place for “Moon Over the Misbegotten” a nostalgic snapshot of a well-lit skyline and moonlit backdrop. Andrew Verhoeckx stole First place for his captivating painting entitled “Heading Home” and Bob Craig received First place in the Mixed / 3D Media category for “Fabric City 2” a kaleidoscopic interplay.
Honorable Recognitions were awarded to the following renditions and artists:
“Cinque Terra Green Red gen 2t” by, Eileen Alter
“New York” by, Alla Fox
“St. Anthony’s Street” by, Andrey Velichkovskii
“Manhattan Construction” by, Melissa Mendelson
“My City” by, Kathleen McSherry
All artists executed intuitive responses to contrast both movement and stillness of Industrial sprawl also the bereavement and nostalgia of developing real estate. Cityscapes competition works evolved as nods to dwelling places, advancement, and the circuitous movement of intentional life.
Contemporary Art Gallery Online hosts artists of varying degrees of education and also represents increasing levels of artistic experience.
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Article by Portia T. Webb
Gallery Writer & Public Relations Assistant

Today I write about another ArtPrize

Today I write about another ArtPrize piece, one created by Eckhard Kremers. His sculpture is called “Amazone”(, and I must say that I am completely, artistically, and romanticizingly in love with this piece. Crafted out of paper, wood, leather, tape, and acrylic, all of which are seemingly stiff materials, this work of art has a frozen-in-time cloth appearance. “Amazone” is comprised of a sculpted dress that is held up by one sculpted leg—it is morbid, yet whimsical all at once. A body missing parts and an aged dress may initially seem unattractive, but everything about Kremers’ piece, from its color to shape, is romantic and nostalgic like years gone by. For this piece Kremers was inspired by an exhibit of old German dresses from the 18th and 19th centuries and Pop Art. Being a romantic myself this piece speaks to me. It’s as if the dress and leg jumped out of a fairy tale. I find the unsymmetrical hemline and bodice compelling because they are imperfect. Nothing in life or in fairy tales is utterly perfect, something is always awry, and in my mind Eckhard Kremers captures the beauty of the imperfect in his uneven, yet completely balanced piece, “Amazone”.  

Article written by:  Alexandra Dailey

A Map of the World


A Map of the World


In his Map Works series, Dallas-based artist Matthew Cusick has created intricate collages out of maps and acrylic paint.  Echoing traditional Japanese woodcuts in some and Lucian Freud in others, the images depict people and the natural world through the harsh lines and bold colors of maps.  It is almost as though humanity’s attempts to capture and illustrate the complexity of Earth with a series of spheres, borders, and grids is being reflected back as a truly futile mission.  For more information on the artist, please visit his website.

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Structure and Meaning Trained in landsca

Structure and Meaning

Trained in landscape architecture and urban planning and a self-taught screen printer, Todd Stewart works by printing identical images many times withing a given space until a composition emerges. The pieces are built “by exposing the control and precision of illustration to the unpredictability and chance inherent to the printmaking process.” His Cityscape series explores the landscape of both well-known and obscure cities; most are places Stewart has not physically visited. “I am acutely aware of how construction -with regards to both structure and meaning-informs my work. These abstract land and cityscapes embody both serenity and instability, resulting in dreamlike tension from which subjective narratives can be born. Working from a base of imagery culled internally-from memory, dreams, past experience-and externally-from my immediate surroundings-I create pieces that consciously allow for open interpretation and multiple perspectives.” The works “reflect a search for meaning in unfamiliar landscapes.” Stewart’s work is available online at his Etsy shop.

Contributed by-Jayme Catalano, Canary Public Relations
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Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s art c

Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s art competition for September was “Everything Landscapes” whereby artists where asked to interpret and depict the natural world, outdoor scenery, geographical environments’ and any related landscape subjects. The submission process and competition for the artists began in the middle of July 2012 and concluded on August 31st, 2012. We would like to thank all who participated. The winners were announced this morning, Friday September 7, 2012. The Grand Prize winner was Sean Koziel. The First Runner Up was Michael Tolleson and the Second Runner Up was Andrew Keim.
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Previously Unseen New, previously unseen

Previously Unseen

New, previously unseen photos of Marilyn Monroe are hitting the auction block! Sound familiar? It seems that every other week more photos of Monroe are “discovered” in someone’s drawer or in a box somewhere. Did this woman, possibly the most famous woman in the world then and now, ever live an undocumented moment in her life? Why, 50 years after her death, are we still hell bent on consuming her in any form? She is the subject of a current NBC drama, a recent movie starring Michelle Williams, and countless books, documentaries, and television shows. Even her diary, with its revelations and private worries, has been published. And yet I find myself wanting more, and I’m not alone. For those of us who still can’t get enough, the estate of Monroe’s longtime friend and makeup artist Allan “Whitey” Snyder have partnered with Julien’s Auctions to sell an extensive collection of photos (including copyrights) and other ephemera. The auction took place March 31st and April 1st live and online.

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ArtPrize by Alexandra Dailey

You can find contemporary art almost anywhere, even in places you wouldn’t expect. And I mean that. You just have to look for it. Up until recently I had lived in Michigan my entire life (those long twenty-two years), and it was only until two years ago while attending college in the Grand Rapids area that I realized how involved the city was in the contemporary art scene. It was all right under my nose. I never knew such popularity existed for contemporary art in my home town.
ArtPrize, an annual art competition, is a perfect example of how the city promotes contemporary art. The competition itself is also the world’s largest art competition with hundreds of thousands of dollars awarded to artists, age eighteen and up, after their work is voted on by the public and selected jurors. The competition typically lasts for just over two weeks and spreads across the entire downtown area of the city. All types of artists are welcome.
I attended ArtPrize last fall, and it was an experience. The whole community gets together, with shops, stores, restaurants, etc., opening their doors to artists and art appreciators. Venues for artists to display their work range from sidewalks, alleys, parking lots, store and restaurant windows; really any open space that is cool with hosting an original piece of art. The atmosphere, albeit hectic, is lively, full of positive and creative energy. The whole downtown area is aflame with brotherly artistic love and respect. The event takes place from the middle of September to the beginning of October. So if you happen to be in the area grab a light jacket, throw on a colorful scarf and peruse the streets of downtown Grand Rapids, taking in the realistic, the abstract, the wacky, the classic and whatever else the artists decide to put on display! This year ArtPrize begins September 19th and closes October 7th. Please support contemporary art in the Great Lakes State! For more information about this event please visit
Contributed by: Alexandra Dailey

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