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International Call for Artists for Online Art Competition, “Water / Seascapes”

Contemporary Art Gallery Online announces their 3rd Annual International “Water / Seascapes” Online Art Competition for the month of June 2016.  Contemporary Art Gallery 20496934-TomSwimm_ColorsOfBermuda_Oiloncanvas_36x24_6000Online encourages entries from all 2D and 3D artists regardless of their experience or education in the art field. A group exhibition of all entrants will be held online at Contemporary Art Gallery Online during the month of June 2016. Awards will be given for the top 5 chosen winners in the Paintings, Photography/Digital Art and Mixed Media/3D Categories.   In addition to the winning images, depending on the amount and the quality of the entries received, Honorable Recognition awards will also be presented.  This competition closes June 30, 2016. Winners will be announced on July 11, 2016.

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Image Information: Tom Swimm “Colors of Bermuda”

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Discover Katie Puenner-Gray. Her artpiec

Discover Katie Puenner-Gray. Her artpiece showcased today is Almost Fall. To view additional work by Katie and other artists, visit us at

Katie began painting at Luther North High. Katie attended Columbia College in Chicago, where she earned a BFA in Art & Design. During Katie’s freshman year of college, she worked as an apprentice artist at Gallery 37. Katie then progressed to the Art Students League, in New York.
Since then, Katie has been featured in one person and group shows throughout Chicago and New York. In addition, Katie has designed and painted dozens of murals for New York schools, events, homes, and historical sites like the Stanton Island Ferry Station for a NYC Best Chefs reception. Katie has also collaborated with fellow artists to create a “Peace” mural for Lasalle Bank seen by thousands daily on the Kennedy Expressway.

Today I write about another ArtPrize

Today I write about another ArtPrize piece, one created by Eckhard Kremers. His sculpture is called “Amazone”(, and I must say that I am completely, artistically, and romanticizingly in love with this piece. Crafted out of paper, wood, leather, tape, and acrylic, all of which are seemingly stiff materials, this work of art has a frozen-in-time cloth appearance. “Amazone” is comprised of a sculpted dress that is held up by one sculpted leg—it is morbid, yet whimsical all at once. A body missing parts and an aged dress may initially seem unattractive, but everything about Kremers’ piece, from its color to shape, is romantic and nostalgic like years gone by. For this piece Kremers was inspired by an exhibit of old German dresses from the 18th and 19th centuries and Pop Art. Being a romantic myself this piece speaks to me. It’s as if the dress and leg jumped out of a fairy tale. I find the unsymmetrical hemline and bodice compelling because they are imperfect. Nothing in life or in fairy tales is utterly perfect, something is always awry, and in my mind Eckhard Kremers captures the beauty of the imperfect in his uneven, yet completely balanced piece, “Amazone”.  

Article written by:  Alexandra Dailey

New Technique Yields New Style for Artis

New Technique Yields New Style for Artist Alex Deykes

An artist with her own unique style, Alex always stays true to her aesthetic. But she is also open to experimenting with new and different techniques. She recently stumbled upon a surrealist technique while on the internet and is now determined to tweak it into her own artistic method. Her version of this technique is thus far nameless, but Alex was able and willing to describe it.

Dailey: How does this new style differ from your typical style?
Deykes: My new style has more to do with aesthetics, as well as focusing on the use of painting in my work.
Dailey: What is your process for this style? What materials do you use and how do you achieve the desired look?
Deykes: The process for my technique is to start with making a graphite drawing, then sealing it with a workable fixative. Afterwards, I put layers of watercolor and acrylic [on it] to get the background/mood/texture that I want.
Dailey: Is there a certain subject matter that meshes well with this technique or will you use a variety of subjects alongside this technique?
Deykes: Surrealism is the perfect subject matter for it. Placing [surrealist] ideas with this technique creates [a piece with] a ghostly, mysterious feel to it, which is exactly what I’m looking for in my work.
Dailey: Now in our previous interview one word you used to describe your style and aesthetic was semi-realistic which is similar to surrealism. Would you say your new style is also similar to your typical style?
Deykes: No, it’s very different. This style is much softer and [more] fluid, while my usual style is a bit more graphic.
Dailey: Do you have an example of this new style that you can share? And if so, how would you describe the piece? What would you want the audience to know about this piece?
Deykes: I would describe this piece solely as surrealistic and experimental. At the time, it was just an image that I came up with in my mind and tested out multiple times before making the final. This piece is called “Plant Head”. At the moment, there is no definite message, but it is based on environmentalism. I used pencil, watercolor, and acrylic on this piece.

Even though Alex says she’s still experimenting with the style, it sounds like she has a firm grasp on it, and also on the subject matter/message that she’s looking to convey, whether or not it be a specific message or a general, implied one about the environment. She may still be in the early stages of developing her unique style, but Alex already has projects lined up and ready to commence. She plans to create a series of paintings in this new style that revolve around the environment, social interaction, and cultural assumptions that males and females have of one another. Aside from creating this series of paintings she has plans to keep incorporating her two styles, the old and the new, in future projects. She hopes to have the opportunity to work on comic books, novels, and paintings using both her graphic, semi-realistic style, and her soft, surrealistic style. I wish her the best in her efforts which I know will yield great work.

Article Submitted by Alexandra Dailey

Published by Contemporary Art Gallery Online

CAGO Welcomes Jayme Catalano

Contemporary Art Gallery Online is pleased to welcome Jayme Catalano.   After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, Jayme began her career in public relations and marketing working with small businesses:  everything from general contractors to a bed and breakfast to motocross promotions.  Collaborating with such a range of companies and individuals within so many different industries really helped Jayme hone her skills.  Eventually Jayme began working exclusively with a fine art photographer, building her brand, increasing her web presence and helping her to garner national attention.  The experience served as a revelation:  if she could do this for her, why not for other artists?  It turns out Michaela had the same idea, and Canary Public Relations was born.

In addition to generating sparkling copy for websites and press releases, Jayme brings a strong graphic design sensibility to her work.  As a hobby print maker, painter, and actress, the experience of working with other creative people is the most treasured aspect of her job.

Now, Jayme will be collaborating with us and will be producing wonderful literary content for the gallery.  You can read Jayme’s articles by visiting our blog here on WordPress.   Or visit us at and click on the CAGO Blog button.   Jayme’s first article will be available for reading on Tuesday August 21st

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View work from our new artist, Lynette Slape

View work from our new artist,Lynette Slape. Her work is vibrant and raw. Enjoy! To view more of her work go to and click on her name, which is listed under the Artist Tab.

The Business of Art: How to Plan an Art Exhbit

How to Plan an Art Exhbit:

Planning an art exhibit is not as simple as it sounds. It takes a great bit of time, care, work and most importantly planning; to create a successful and profitable event. For a complete guide to planning your art event, listen to my radio show, The Business of Art: Episodes 10 and 11. You can listen to the entire CAGO Media Library by visiting and clicking on the CAGO Media Tab. In the meantime; I have listed a brief calendar schedule which you can use when planning your next event. ~Best of Luck to you!

12 months prior to your event
-Locate a place
10 months prior
-Develop a theme
-Develop a budget
-Create a list of things to do
-Confirm exhibition date
8 months prior
-Develop mailing list
6 months prior
-Design invitations, brochures, etc.
-Select B&W and color photos for PR
4 months prior
-Frame artwork
3 months prior
-Print invitations
-Mail PR to monthly publications
-Find a salesperson
2 months prior
-Address invitations
-Review list for completion
1 month prior
-Mail press releases to semi-monthly and weekly publications, TV and radio stations
-Mail invitations
-Call current clients
-Plan refreshments, decorations, etc.
2 weeks prior
-Call press
3 days prior
-Do a staging of work
Day of Opening
-Arrive early
-Dismantle your show
-Write Thank You notes

This article was contributed by Sharon Belle Hawkshawe.

John Longbow Radio Interview

John Longbow gave an excellent interview yesterday. You can listen to his interview by going to our site and clicking on the Media Tab or go to John Longbow’s Artist Page.

Contemporary Art Gallery Online

Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGOnline for short) would like to welcome John Longbow. John’s work in manipulating images is breathtaking. To learn more about John and to view and purchase his work, visit CAGOnline and click on John Longbow’s artist page.Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGOnline for short) would like to welcome John Longbow. John’s work in manipulating images is breathtaking. To learn more about John and to view and purchase his work, visit CAGOnline and click on John Longbow’s artist page.

Contemporary Art Gallery Online

Contemporary Art Gallery Online specializes in all contemporary work. We encourage the exploration of art, discussion of art and the support of those who create art. Take your time and peruse our online gallery online at Find what speaks to you and share it with others.