For the 2019 ALL Landscape Art Theme art

For the 2019 ALL Landscape Art Theme art competition, Contemporary Art Gallery Online received entries for: Paintings/Drawings, Photography/Digital Art and 3D/Mixed Media categories. The entrants were allowed to show their best art regardless of their training, or experience. The “ALL Landscape Competition” winners were announced June 4th, 2019 and are listed below.

In the Painting/Drawing Art category:
Best in Show went to, Zahra Sadat Hosseini for “Harvest”
Judges Choices went to Ali Graves for “Back in Time”
Gallery Choices went to Liang Huang for “Haru Yuki”
First Place: James Ellison for “Peace in Chaos”
Second Place: Donna McGee for “Atlantic Breeze”
Third Place: Ruslan Vigovsky for “The Alps and Clouds”
Fourth Place: David Penman for “Storm at the Inner Gorge”
Fifth Place: Lola Sandino Stanton for “Blue Gate”

In the Photography/Digital Art category:
Best in Show went to, Marcia Berg Haskell for “Mountains #2”
Judges Choice went to, Wayne King for “Chapel on the Road to Sun”
Gallery Choice went to, Brandi Foster for “Stillness”
First Place: Federico Imperiale for “Tuscany”
Second Place: Kristin Indorato for “Dipping Branch”
Third Place: Susan Lutz for “Reflections of the Vernal Pool”
Fourth Place: Bob McCormac for “Sunrise on Mt. Vesuvius”
Fifth Place: Lynda Pauwels for “Mystic River Sunset”

In the 3D/Mixed Media Art category:
Best in Show went to, Jennifer K. Carberry-Landis for “Music of the Forest”
First Place: Deborah Perlman for “Banyan Branch 100”
Second Place: Laurie Morse for “Maturity”
Third Place: Barbara Hart for “Stairway to Paradise”

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